Yellowstone’S Kevin Costner Signed Up For ‘Three More Seasons’ Before Schedule Delays


Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner had signed up for “three more seasons” but scheduling conflicts and delays stopped this from happening.

Paramount Network fans were gutted last year when it came out that John Dutton star Kevin wouldn’t be back for the remaining episodes in season five, part two.

Prior to series five, the 69-year-old had been juggling working on his lifelong passion project, the Western film franchise Horizon: An American Saga.

However, when there were production delays on Yellowstone, caused by the coronavirus pandemic as well as the actors’ and writers’ strikes, this impacted how much time he could dedicate to Horizon.

“We very rarely started when we said we would, and we didn’t finish when we said we would,” he told GQ.

“And I was OK with that. I really was. I was OK with it, but it wasn’t a trend that could continue for me.”

He went on to explain that splitting season five into two also meant trouble for Costner as he had a contract to do Horizon already.

In addition to this, according to the actor, he had tried to work with production on scheduling but “the scripts never came”.

Costner went on to elaborate to Associated Press that he was ready to do more with Yellowstone if there hadn’t been issues behind the scenes.

He explained: “Yellowstone was really important in my life. I really loved that world and what we were able to do in five seasons. I only thought it would be one, but did five.”


“I was willing to do three more – five, six and seven – but it just didn’t happen. Certain things were going on, and it just didn’t happen.

“So, the idea of going back, I’m open to that idea. But it’s based on everything that first three or four were based on, which is the scripts.”

Costner informed GQ that creator Taylor Sheridan knows of the “conditions” needed for him to make a comeback but didn’t want to delve into details.

“And if we can’t get to it, it’s because at the end of the day, it’s unreasonable for them or something.”

It came out earlier this week that production has now finally started on Yellowstone season five, part two, in Montana.

Filming was originally due to start in March but thanks to the various delays, this was pushed back by several months.

Yellowstone is still expected to return sometime in November 2024 as previously announced but there has since been no update on whether or not Costner is going to play a role in the final episodes.

Yellowstone is available to watch on Paramount Network.