Yellowstone Hot Take: Beth Dutton May Not Be As Horrible As You Think


While the majority of fans absolutely hate her, Beth actually has her positive sides if you look at her from another perspective.

The Yellowstone TV series has introduced fans to a wide range of colorful characters, many of whom have captured the hearts of viewers who root for them to succeed.

Unfortunately, Beth Dutton, portrayed by Kelly Reilly, is definitely not one of them, as the vast majority of fans seem to absolutely despise her and accuse Beth of being one of the most useless characters on the show.

Despite the fact that she is supposed to be a businesswoman, Beth often makes deals that the Dutton family cannot realistically afford, as they are worth many times more than the ranch.

Furthermore, she does virtually nothing to change the situation, as Beth could have easily used her business skills to increase profits.

Beth May Not Be as Horrible as Most Fans Think

However, not all fans share this view, as they feel that Beth is actually a powerful character who deserves to be in the same league as other great women who have appeared on various TV shows over the years.

Like most strong women, she has a dominating presence that isn’t physical in nature, though she isn’t afraid to use physical force when the situation calls for it, which sets her apart from shallowly written female characters.


While all too often strong women are written similarly to men, making them feel unrealistic and too one-dimensional, Beth is much more nuanced, combining genuine love and empathy with ruthlessness and intimidation.

Her rivalry with Jamie Dutton, portrayed by Wes Bentley, only highlights Beth’s unique character, as unlike her, Jamie is too focused on his own selfish desires instead of thinking about what is good for the Dutton family and their business.

Still, She Has at Least One Undeniable Flaw

However, arguably her biggest flaw in terms of realism, as some fans point out, is that she has managed to constantly break all kinds of laws and still miraculously avoid the dire consequences that usually follow such actions.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and most fans would prefer to stick to theirs, but it certainly seems that Beth may not have deserved the amount of backlash she got, as it all depends on one’s perspective.

The second half of the fifth and final season of Yellowstone is scheduled to premiere in November 2024.