Yellowstone Fan Predicts Jamie’S Murderous Rampage As Matthew Mcconaughey Welcomed


A Yellowstone fan thinks they know exactly how season five is going to end: with a killing spree and Matthew McConaughey.

Filming for season five, part two, is finally underway after production was initially meant to begin in March.

While Paramount Network viewers have been waiting for its return, they have been predicting what could happen in the remaining episodes.

Among those sharing their theories was a Reddit user who believes the Western drama could end in the death of not one but two major characters at the hands of Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley).

Taking to the community forum to explain their hypothesis, they wrote: Since Kevin Costner will be leaving the series… I predict John will be killed off in poor fashion by Jamie who will also kill Rip, by some stroke of luck, or Beth because of the mutual hatred.”

But according to this fan, it won’t end well for Jamie either as he would then be murdered by either Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) for killing “the love of his life” or by Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) for the same reason and fuelled by her pre-existing hatred.

The viewer then went into great detail about how the ranch would end up in Kayce Dutton’s (Luke Grimes) hands but after all the “death and turmoil”, he decides to sell the ranch.

In order to protect it from corporate land developers, Kayce would make the sale through a “non-revocable trust”.

At this point, the fan brought in an interesting theory which would see the original series tie in with its upcoming spin-off.


They wrote: “Word of this gets down to Texas at the 6666 and a cattle rancher who’s been thinking of going out on his own makes a drive up to Montana with Taylor Sheridans character to see it all for himself.

“All you see is his boots and the back of his shirt up until the last few seconds of the show and you see Matthew McConaugheys smiling face and he says, “‘Let’s do it…’ – cut to black [to] the opening for the next spinoff titled, 2024.”

For months now, it has been reported that Dallas Buyers’ Club and Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey would be joining the Yellowstone universe.

However, his casting hasn’t been made official just yet as it has been reported that the star is hesitating, having not yet seen a script for the upcoming spin-off.

At the end of season five, part one, Jamie did indicate that he was thinking about having his sister killed off because of her ongoing meddling and years of hatred.

So this would tie in nicely with this particular fan’s theory for the last episodes.

John Dutton star Kevin Costner may not be back for the remainder of the show either due to scheduling conflicts and creative differences so perhaps an offscreen death could be on the cards.

But could it be Jamie who is responsible for his adopted dad’s death?