Steal Back Your Man!’: Love Island Fans Go Wild Over Latest ‘Messy’ Twist As Mimii And Omar Are Given The Ultimate Power And Cause Chaos In The Villa


Love Island fans went wild for the show’s latest twist which saw Mimii and Omar given the power to break up another couple to steal someone for themselves.

The stunning mental health nurse, 24, and hunky PE teacher, 25, have been in danger of getting the boot after finding themsleves single, before a surprise text changed everything on Sunday.

In the twist which fans branded ‘messy’ the duo were given the option of choosing to couple up together or pick someone else to steal.

Mimii and Omar went to discuss their options and despite some flirtations, she seemingly still had her heart set on Ayo, 25, who was stollen in the latest recoupling by Uma, 23.

They then returned to the fire pit and told their fellow islanders their plan to steal before the show ended on an epic cliffhanger.

Racing to X, formerly Twitter, fans were loving the surprise and demanded Mimii ‘steal back her man’.

Writing: ‘This was a delicious twist, well done producers’: ‘I’m dead the twists this year are no joke no one is ever safe!’: ‘Steal?! oh they are messy’: ‘Steal yes Mimii take back your man!’: ‘”We decided to steal” Nah sis it was all you’: ‘I like this twist’: ‘I’m loving this plot twist!’.

Elsewhere in the episode fans slammed Samantha over her ‘awkward’ reaction when Joey kissed Jess over a saucy dare during the Sunday night’s challenge.

The show opened with quite a stiff reaction from the make-up artist, 26, when the TOWIE alum, 33, stamped a smooch on Jess, 25.


Joey and Samantha are currently coupled up and acted out sexual position during the X-rated game.

The hilarious scene saw the the Liverpool-born bombshell laying down on her stomach with Joey bursting the red balloon placed on her bottom with his head, leaving the other contestants in stitches.

Right after, Joey had to do a dare which ordered: ‘Snog the islander who you’d be with if you weren’t with your girl.’

The reality star was visibly embarrassed in the situation and was captured struggling to make a choice.

And Samantha didn’t hold back from inciting him to make his choice although she looked fuming, saying: ‘Go on, big man. Go on. I’m not bothered.

‘It’s just a game. Not a***d.’

Later in the Diary Room, Joey told: ‘Ah, mate. I didn’t know what to do. Do I kiss myself?’

Viewers of the ITV2 show raced to X to comment Samantha’s reaction, branding it as ‘unnecessary’ and ‘awkward’ and remarked ‘it was just a game’.

They wrote: ‘Samantha made that so awkward for Joey saying she’s “not a***d” over and over again making it very clear she was indeed A***D. Weirdo energy’;

‘Why is Samantha the way she is’;