Road House 2 Already Set Up The Perfect Role For Sam Elliott To Play


Assuming Amazon gives a greenlight to Road House 2, there is a tailor-made role for OG cast member Sam Elliott. The original movie arrived in 1989 and has become a defining guilty pleasure action flick. The mix of Patrick Swayze’s performance as Dalton, the great fight scenes, quotable dialogue and much more have given the movie a lasting legacy. Road House 2024 cast Jake Gyllenhaal, who took over the Dalton role and while this new take is faithful to the 1989 movie, it adds some fun new elements of its own.

Amazon’s Road House is a huge hit too, with the streamer claiming it has pulled in 50 million viewers during its first two weekends (via THR). Those are the kinds of numbers that all but guarantee a sequel, though one has yet to be confirmed. The ending of Road House 2024 leaves the door open for more Dalton adventures too, especially after the mid-credit scene revealing Conor McGregor’s villain Knox is still alive. The film repositioned Dalton as something of a wandering nomad, so concocting a new misadventure for the ex-UFC fighter wouldn’t be difficult.

Road House 2 Should Bring Back Sam Elliott As A Villain
The former Wade Garrett would be perfect for Road House 2’s new antagonist

A potential Road House 2 has the opportunity to bring back Sam Elliott as the incarcerated father of Brandt (Billy Magnussen), a key villain in the remake.

One OG character conspicuous by their absence in Road House 2024 is Wade Garrett, played in the 1989 version by Sam Elliott. Garrett is Dalton’s best friend and mentor, and while very much a supporting role, Elliott steals every scene he appears in. Considering Amazon’s movie is a total reboot, it makes sense no one from the first film appears. Even so, a potential Road House 2 has the opportunity to bring back Elliott as the incarcerated father of Brandt (Billy Magnussen), the head villain of the remake.

Brandt’s father remains unseen during the Doug Liman film, though he is still pulling the strings from inside prison. Brandt is trying to scare off the owner of The Road House so he can obtain her land, but when his approach proves fruitless thanks to Dalton’s arrival, his father hires Knox to take care of the problem. Ultimately, Knox kills Brandt due to his constant whinging, while Dalton beats the henchman during their final battle.

Considering his son’s demise, Brandt’s father will no doubt want revenge against Dalton. This is a strong setup for Road House 2, with Brandt’s father and Knox uniting against the bouncer; of course, Knox will likely pretend it was Dalton who killed Brandt’s son and not himself. Elliott is great at playing both heroes and villains, and his work in the likes of Justified season 6 proves he would be a formidable foe to Gyllenhaal’s Dalton in a direct sequel.


Bringing Sam Elliott Back Would Link The New Road House To The Original
It would be nice to see a familiar face from The Double Deuce

Road House actually received a direct sequel in the 2000s with Last Call, where Dalton’s DEA agent son (Johnathon Schaech) helps save his uncle’s bar from a drug dealer. Swayze refused a Road House 2 cameo, and the follow-up featured no returning characters. For that reason, Last Call remains relatively obscure and doesn’t feel very connected to the original. Now that Amazon’s Road House has established its own universe, a sequel has the chance to link back to the original a little more.

This is why bringing back Elliott as a new character could work. Not only would Elliott’s return be a great homage to the Swayze version, but playing a villain would be a big contrast from Wade. There are other OG cast remembers Road House 2 could bring back, including Kelly Lynch – who played Dalton’s love interest Dr. Clay – or Keith David, who had a tiny role as a bartender in the original. That said, Elliott coming back would truly make the sequel an event.

Road House 2 Should Still Introduce A New Wade Garrett
What does Wade Garrett look like in 2024?

Getting Elliott to return is likely a pipe dream, though Road House 2 should still bring back the Wade Garrett character. His absence in the 2024 reboot works fine, since Dalton has hit rock bottom and is still rebuilding himself. If he runs into trouble during the follow-up, he could still call on his old pal Garrett for assistance. Road House 2 could even make Garrett into Dalton’s old UFC trainer, with the pair becoming estranged after the latter accidentally killed another fighter in the ring.

If Road House 2 does introduce Garrett, there is the tricky question of recasting. Elliott is an actor who casts a long shadow, so a sequel might want to go in a very different direction. The reboot could cast another UFC fighter turned actor like Randy Couture, though that pool is relatively small. The sequel could go for an older action icon like Keanu Reeves or Wesley Snipes as Wade, who could believably be sold as Dalton’s mentor. Regardless, the return of Garrett is at the top of any Road House fan’s wishlist for the next installment.