Morgan Freeman Became Clint Eastwood’S Biggest Fan For Actor’S Stance That Puzzled Matt Damon


Being an iconic actor and director, Clint Eastwood has many great movies to his name. Often working alongside Morgan Freeman, the actor has become the biggest fan of Eastwood ever since they started working together.

Known for being a cool and collected director, Eastwood doesn’t yell “action” or give tips to actors. Talking about the reason behind this calmness, the director had a pretty straightforward answer that renewed Morgan Freeman’s faith in the veteran director.

Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Yell “Action”

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Working in several iconic movies over the years, Clint Eastwood has solidified himself as a veteran actor and director. Working with numerous people such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman, and more, Eastwood has a particular style of directing and behaving on sets that have often been deemed as “controversial”. With the director not yelling ‘action’ or giving commands to the actors, Clint Eastwood revealed his reasons to NPR and the reasons were quite straightforward.

“Well, you hire people because you think they’re e ither really close to the part or you admire their talent and you figure that they’re going to bring to – they’re obviously – you don’t hire them because they’re dummies.”


He further continued,

“And then I suppose if somebody forgets something or leaves something out, you remind them about it, and if you want it a little more dynamic, a little more speed in the scene, or a little this and that, you make those suggestions, but you don’t – you’re not going be giving acting lessons. That’s something you can’t do.”

These iconic lines made Morgan Freeman admire the director more. Stating in the interview, the Se7en actor reported that he has never heard Eastwood yell “cut”.

When Matt Damon Was Called Out By Clint Eastwood

Working on the 2009 film titled Invictus, Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon, and Morgan Freeman joined hands in working on the film. Being unfamiliar with Eastwood’s directorial style, Damon made a mistake and Eastwood called him out. In an interview with First We Feast, Damon revealed how the director did not want to waste everyone’s time.

“I say, ‘Boss, do you think maybe we can get one more?’ He just turns and he goes, ‘Why? Do you want to waste everybody’s time?’ I was like,’ OK, we’re done! Alright, let’s move on.’”

Well, it seems like Clint Eastwood is like Terence Fletcher from Whiplash in the sense that he pushes the actors beyond their limits while being calm and collected. The director is currently working on what is reported to be his last film titled Juror #2.