Love Island Spoiler: ‘You Didn’T Say One Nice Thing About Me!’ Jess Is Left Fuming At Ronnie After That Awkward Recoupling Speech As He Cracks On With Harriett


Jess White is left fuming at Ronnie Vint after his awkward recoupling speech on Friday night’s Love Island – as he cracks on with Harriett Blackmore.

In Sunday’s instalment Jess, 25, will confront semi-professional footballer Ronnie, 27, after he said he wanted to get to know other girls in his ‘cringe’ speech.

The footballer bluntly admitted that, despite being coupled up with Jess and having earlier pulled Harriett for a flirty chat, he was open to see other girls – and was accused of using the moment to ‘recouple his own girl’.

‘I still want to get to know new people,’ he admitted, with Jess visibly furious as she sat down beside him after the recoupling.

Viewers of the hit ITV show raced to the social media platform to share their shocked reactions to the episode’s final moments, and Jess also praised for being very ‘mature’ in front of the cringeworthy situation.

And on Sunday’s episode they have a difficult chat as Jess tells him on the day beds: ‘Poor choice of words, Ron. I don’t think you said one nice thing about me. You don’t need to go about it that way.’

Ronnie then replied saying: ‘I’m not great with words. I want to apologise.’

But despite his apology it seems Ronnie is still keen on getting to know Harriett.

Speaking to Harriett, Ronnie says: ‘Everything I said was honest – it just came out wrong.

‘I do think there is something there from when we’ve spoke. I do want to see what’s happening with that.’

As Ronnie gravitates towards Harriett, what will this mean for him and Jess?

Viewers were left bewildered after Ronnie pulled Harriett for a very flirty chat… before leaving Jess fuming with a ‘cringe’ speech during the dramatic recoupling on Friday.

Ronnie didn’t hold back from telling the bombshell he is interest in her, calling their sexual chemistry ‘crazy’ – despite being coupled up with Jess.

Meanwhile Harriett, 24, has been called out by fans over her ‘shady and chaotic’ behaviour – after the star got into a heated row with Ciaran Davies earlier in the episode.

During their chat, it seemed Ronnie was testing the waters to make sure his interested was matched.

‘Now is it too soon to…,’ he hesitated but Harriett promptly quipped: ‘No.

‘I feel like that is just the clarification that I need.’

‘Yeah obviously I just wanted to see what you are thinking,’ continued Ronnie.

Harriett bluntly admitted: ‘You know I fancy you.’

‘You do?,’ replied Ronnie to which she confirmed: ‘You know I do.’

‘Yeah like the sexual chemistry is crazy, isn’t it?’, he remarked and then added: ‘The people I want to get to know is you and obviously Jess.’

But Ronnie’s confession certainly raised eyebrows among fans of the ITV2 show, who claimed his interest towards Harriett was very ‘sudden’ and accused her of being behind another dramatic plot.

Viewers raced to X – formerly Twitter – to hilariously share their opinions with some saying:

‘ronnie watching harriett cause all that madness and deciding he wants to move ther…oh you can’t write this #loveisland’; ‘Every time Harriett speaks to a lad she says ‘you know I fancy you’ but it’s so jarring every time because no WE did not because you’re only talking to him because you’ve been parred, hun. (Joey in the hideaway, ronnie now) #loveisland’;

‘Is Harriett chatting up ronnie to get back at jess for that comment? This is a new level of petty #loveIsland’; ‘Ronnie and Harriett’s ‘sexual chemistry’ is osmosis #loveisland’; ‘Ronnie did that on purpose to ruin things with Jess so he can crack on with Harriett I peeped his game from earlyyy #loveIsland’


‘Looked away for one second and Ronnie and Harriett are cracking on? These lot are unhinged #loveisland’; ‘HOW is Ronnie now interested in Harriett after her display the last couple days? Do men genuinely like crazy women?? I thought that was a myth #loveIsland’; ‘Thought better of Ronnie. On what planet has any male in the whole of the world watched Harriett and thought ‘Yep I need that in my life’ #LoveIsland’;

‘Not Harriett feeling Ronnie now???? She’s so obvious with her scheming and plotting #LoveIsland’; ‘Producers just told Ronnie to pull Harriett for a chat or he’s getting booted from the Island, you think I’m believing that timing ? I’m onto them #loveisland’;

‘Ronnie and Harriett should couple up so we can vote them out #LoveIsland’; ‘Harriett liking Ronnie after what’s just gone down with Jess is fishy to me #loveisland’; ‘Harriett and Ronnie is an EVIL couple #LoveIsland’.

Viewers of the hit ITV show raced to the social media platform to share their shocked reactions to the episode’s final moments, and Jess also praised for being very ‘mature’ in front of the cringeworthy situation.

‘TALKING ABOUT GETTING TO KNOW OTHER GIRLS AND BEING OPEN IN YOUR COUPLING UP SPEECH ??? RONNIE YOURE DIABOLICAL #loveisland’; ”I’m still open’ in the recoupling speech ????? You’re on crack ronnie #loveisland’; ‘Using ur recoupling speech to let the girl ur recoupling w/know that urgonna be open to a new one is… RONNIE IS A MAD MAN #loveisland’;

‘Ronnie’s speech was rude. He basically said ‘I’m about to be ouchea’ #loveisland’; ‘i’m still baffled by ronnie’s speech ? what goes on in some mens heads?? #loveisland’; ‘Ronnie that was the worst speech we’ve ever heard #loveisland’;

‘RONNIE THAT SPEECH COULDNT HAVE BEEN ANY WORSE #loveIsland’; ‘Ronnie you were supposed to give the girl you’re choosing a speech not do confession #loveisland’; ‘Ronnie is a menace that speech was unnecessary #LoveIsland’;

‘Does ronnie know this is supposed to be a heartfelt speech #loveIsland’; ‘HARRIETT THOUGH RONNIE WAS GOING TO PICK HER FOR A SECOND. But that speech was weird I must say lol #loveIsland’;

Earlier during the same episode, islanders Joey Essex, 33, and Harriett headed off to a secluded area of the villa to discuss her love triangle with Ciaran, and Nicole Samuel, 24.

Harriett didn’t know where she stood with Ciaran so she opened up to Joey, and explained: ‘He’s the one who doesn’t know what he wants. I don’t really understand what to do to make his mind up – I don’t know where his heads at.’

However, things quickly turned sour as Joey confessed to Harriett it’s ‘quite obvious he likes Nicole’ and shockingly revealed when the boys were all in the bedroom Ciaran was ‘chanting Nicole’s name’.

Harriett proceeded to look shocked and said ‘really?’ to the star before Joey cheekily called over Ciaran to ask him who he likes more, Harriett or Nicole.

Harriet asked Ciaran: ‘Did you say to the boys you like Nicole more?’ to which he responded with ‘yeah’.

All hell then broke loose as Harriett proceeded to kick off at the 21-year-old and viewers at home claimed the star was being overly dramatic and didn’t have a ‘tear in sight’.