Love Island Sends Two Stars Home In Savage Twist As Brutal Dumping Leaves ‘Contestants In Tears’


Two contestants have reportedly been dumped from Love Island and have already left the villa.

At the end of Tuesday night’s episode, viewers were asked to vote for their favourite couple, leaving the least popular ones at risk of being dumped.

The Sun has now reported the least favourite islanders have never been brutally axed, which has caused a ‘shockwaves’ around the villa.

An insider told the publication: ‘It was very emotional and there were tears shed around the firepit.

‘The islanders weren’t expecting to go and it sent shockwaves through the villa. It made them all realise that any of them could go at any time.’

Those who could potentially be in the firing line to be dumped seem to be Ronnie Fint and Ayo Odukoya, due to their recent actions.

Ronnie, who is in a love triangle with Jess White and Harriett Blackmore, received the most red flags tea spills in the steamy game during Tuesday night’s episode.

Ayo could also be at risk of being dumped following his game-playing with Uma Jammeh and Mimii Ngulube.

Monday’s episode saw a dramatic twist, with Mimii, 24, and new bombshell Omar, 25, given the power to break up another couple to steal someone for themselves.

The mental health nurse and PE teacher had been in danger of getting the boot after finding themselves single, before a surprise text changed everything.

In the twist which fans branded ‘messy’ the duo were given the option of choosing to couple up together or pick someone else to steal.

Mimii and Omar went to discuss their options and despite some flirtations, she seemingly still had her heart set on Ayo, 25, who was stolen in the latest recoupling by Uma, 23.

They ultimately decided that they would both choose another Islander, with Mimii picking Ayo and Omar choosing Uma – who had been a couple.

The decision left Uma furious and she promptly stormed off, before later breaking down in tears.

But viewers at home couldn’t help but question her strong emotional reaction, pointing out that she had chosen to couple up with Ayo previously, despite his connection with Mimii.


And many praised Mimii for following her heart, while arguing her and Omar’s decision had ensured that no one was dumped.

While others urged both girls to see that Ayo was playing them by stringing them both along and declared they deserved better.

They wrote: ‘Mimi decided to steal Ayo. Yes, girl take your man back. It’s better to try to explore the feeling to know what you feel than never!; Lol Uma is vexed, Ayo looks pissed!! I’m here for the drama’.

‘Uma you thiefed this girls man first????? What’s actually going on; uma storming off as if she didn’t do the exact same thing to mimii’.

‘Ayo doing the typical player thing. Looking for the one he can’t have. Loser. I like Mimi but not liking Ayo for her; Mimi I am BEGGING you to stand up! That Ayo fella is playing you for a mug!’

‘Uma crying cuz of Ayo? Like girl you literally stole her man and now acting like she stole your man. Like what????; Uma being upset when she did the exact same thing?’

‘I hate watching pretty women down bad for a man who doesn’t even care about them; Uma is fuminggghhggg’.

‘Mimii just said to Uma you’ll lose Ayo the same way you got him; i’ve never seen such a delusional set of girls in my life…. it really is the blind leading the blind ffs’.

‘No but I think Omar and Mimi made a good choice. This way no one is single and no one is going home; I think Omar and Mimi didn’t want any person to go home… so just stealing Ayo and Umar is a win win situation…. No one goes home’.