Love Is Blind’S Chelsea Blackwell Was Living A Drastically Different Life Before Her Megan Fox Scandal


There are often love triangles in every season of the Netflix dating series Love Is Blind, and Chelsea Blackwell was part of two. She and Jessica Vestal both fell for Jimmy Presnell, and Chelsea chose between Jimmy and Trevor Sova. While this alone would have made season 6 fun and memorable, Chelsea told Jimmy that she looks like Megan Fox, which caused a big stir.

However, when Chelsea and Jimmy got engaged and the big reveal happened, Jimmy didn’t think that she resembled the famous actress. He told the cameras, “She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked. Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.”

In this article, we’ll take a look at what Chelsea Blackwell’s life looked like before she became a Love Is Blind cast member, and what she said after she received negative attention.

Inside Love Is Blind Star Chelsea Blackwell’s Life Before Her Megan Fox Controversy
What Is Love Is Blind Star Chelsea Blackwell’s Job?

Chelsea Blackwell was living a regular life before Love Is Blind as the owner of Rugged and Radiant, an event planning company, and a flight attendant. She has 48,400 followers on Instagram and 75,500 followers on TikTok, and it seems likely that she gained many more social media followers as a result of Love Is Blind.

As a flight attendant, Chelsea seems to love to travel. A few months before season 6 of Love Is Blind aired, she posted a photo of herself at a Coldplay concert in London, England. She wrote in the caption, “I’m still mentally here. Highly suggest traveling solo to see your favorite band in their home country. It’s going to take something really special to top this!” Over the past few years, Chelsea also traveled to places such as Austria, Munich, Chicago, New York City, Austin, and Switzerland.

Before Love Is Blind, Chelsea also balanced her two careers as a flight attendant and event planner. Since she wasn’t yet famous, she didn’t have to read negative comments online about whether or not she looks like Megan Fox, and could focus on her jobs. According to the official Rugged and Radiant website, Chelsea is skilled in marketing and organization. It sounds like she followed her dreams and started this company. Chelsea plans micro weddings and elopements but also offers services for birthday parties, anniversaries, and corporate events.

When interviewed by Bold Journey about her career, Chelsea Blackwell talked about finding confidence in the event planning industry. She said:

“Overcoming imposter syndrome as an event planner was like organizing the grandest event of my own life! First, I had to embrace the fact that even top-notch event planners have had moments of doubt, it’s part of the adventure!”

Chelsea also said:

“When I stumbled on this journey, I had to treat myself with a sprinkle of self-compassion, like adding a dash of glitter to my day. The imposter monster haunts me no more!”


A little while after season 6 of Love Is Blind began streaming on Netflix, Chelsea Blackwell talked to Access Hollywood about appearing on the reality TV series. She said that she loved watching Love Is Blind and figured she would apply. She said, “I’m very out of the box… I’m always doing crazy things so this was very on brand for me.” However, she likely couldn’t anticipate the reaction that she would get.

Chelsea Blackwell Was Married Before Becoming A Love Is Blind Cast Member

When chatting with Jimmy Presnell in the Love Is Blind season 6 pods, Chelsea Blackwell shared that she was married before. There doesn’t seem to be much information about her marriage available. She doesn’t seem to have any photos of her ex-husband on her Instagram account, and she didn’t share many details. However, she did say that she was 18 years old when she tied the knot, and that the marriage only lasted five years.

Before Love Is Blind, Chelsea went through what might have been a tough divorce, and that must have affected her day-to-day life. She also likely had a hard time dating and finding The One as that is usually the main reason why people want to be Love Is Blind cast members.

What Did Love Is Blind Star Chelsea Blackwell Say About The Megan Fox Scandal?

According to Page Six, Chelsea Blackwell addressed the negative comments that she received when she posted a TikTok video in February 2024. She danced to the Led Zeppelin tune “Immigrant Song” while holding a cocktail.

Chelsea wrote:

“Go on a show to find love > get your a** dragged.”

Based on Chelsea’s comments, it seems that she was shocked that she would receive the kind of attention that she did.

As Page Six noted, she also shared via Instagram Stories what Presley Carter, who seems to be a friend or at least someone she has known for a long time, wrote about her. They wrote, “Thank you all who are from our hometown and know Chels for all your love and support through this!” The message continued:

“People are so mean here on the internet and take reality TV way too seriously. Like it’s a show y’all, we need to cool it.”

When Chelsea Blackwell was asked about saying that she looks like Megan Fox in her Access Hollywood interview, she mentioned that they both have “light eyes” and “a long face.” She said, “I’m getting dragged through the trenches for that comment right now because of Jimmy.”

While Chelsea might not have thought that she would get this kind of attention for appearing on Love Is Blind, fans would likely agree that it provided some interesting drama.