Love Is Blind Star Taylor Rue Reveals Her Devastating Miscarriage: ‘I Pray And Feel For Any Family That Goes Through This’


Love Is Blind star Taylor Rue has shared her heartbreak, revealing she and partner Cameron Shelton have suffered a devastating miscarriage.

Rue, 27, who rose to fame on season five of the reality show, shared the sad news with fans in a post on Instagram.

Underneath a video of herself from her first ultrasound appointment, Rue said: “We couldn’t wait to share the news of our pregnancy with everyone, but now we are sharing very different news.”

“I pray and feel for any family that goes through this. It went from ‘mom, there’s a heartbeat’ to ‘there is no heartbeat’ within weeks.

“Cam and I are devastated and heartbroken. Only time will heal the pain we feel. We know that God’s plan is so much greater than ours and that baby S is in heaven looking down on us.”

She added: “Baby S will forever be in our hearts 👼🏻🕊️🍓.”

Love Is Blind star Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski sent some words of comfort to Rue underneath the post and wrote, “Sending you lots of love and prayers 🙏🏼❤️.”


Rue made her relationship with Shelton public in an Instagram post in October last year, writing, “Found my plus one.”

Rue was engaged to Jared “JP” Pierce on Love Is Blind, after they met in the show’s pods.

But the pair weren’t meant to be, and they split on their ‘honeymoon’.

Things fell apart shortly after JP commented on how much makeup she wears. Rue also wanted more conversation and communication with her ex.

“I had brought up talking on night one in Mexico, thinking that there would be a fix, but it honestly only got worse and I just felt like the version of JP that I had fallen in love with was not there,” she told People about their split.