Is Jess Vestal A Clout Chaser? Her Relationship With Harry Jowsey On Perfect Match Shows She Might Be


Jessica Vestal starred in Love Is Blind season 6 as a single mother looking for love, but her choice to go on Perfect Match season 2 and date Too Hot To Handle’s resident bad boy Harry Jowsey proves she’s just a clout chaser. As a mother to 11-year-old Autumn, Jess became the first parent to enter the pods in Love Is Blind. While she had a strong connection with Jimmy Presnell, he ultimately chose Chelsea Blackwell, sending Jess home without a ring on her finger despite the North Carolinian executive assistant’s love letter.

The short, bombshell brunette immediately became a breakout star on Love Is Blind. As Jimmy broke up with Jess in the pods, she famously told him, “You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on,” cementing her as an iconic Netflix star. However, “girls’ girl” Jess might not have been on Love Is Blind for the right reasons. As she aligned herself with bad boy Harry on Perfect Match season 2, it seemed more obvious Jess was just trying to get famous.

Jess Went On Love Is Blind Looking For Love
She Wanted To Marry Jimmy

Jess went on Love Is Blind season 6 allegedly looking for a husband, but if she was seeking fame over marriage, she got exactly what she was looking for. The breakout star was laser-focused on Jimmy in the pods, a software salesman born and raised in North Carolina. Wooed by his low Southern drawl and easy attitude, Jess fell hard for Jimmy, even writing him a letter declaring her love. However, he was shocked that Jess had a child, edging him closer to choosing Chelsea despite her previous marriage.

Clearly, Jess wasn’t as attracted to Jimmy in real life as she was in the pods, but since she was the one who was rejected, she was able to walk away scot-free. While she was disappointed to share with her daughter, Autumn, that she wasn’t engaged, sparks didn’t fly between Jimmy and Jess at the lakeside barbecue. Unfortunately, Jess didn’t get engaged on Love Is Blind. However, going on Perfect Match indicates that marriage wasn’t really what Jess was looking for.

Netflix Set Up Jess To Be A Breakout Star
She Was A Main Cast Member Despite Not Getting Engaged

Despite not making it out of the pods on Love Is Blind season 6, Netflix set up Jess as a breakout star. With her quippy lines and witty sense of humor in a gorgeous package, she was a perfect candidate for reality stardom. Love Is Blind attempts to emphasize the importance of meaningful connections, but they still cast attractive people in the pods. However, Jess’ physical beauty is on the level of contestants featured in more traditional dating shows like Too Hot To Handle or Love Island.

Jess’ choice to go on Perfect Match proves she’s a clout chaser and not genuine.

Jess knows that she’s beautiful, evidenced by her line to Jimmy that he would “choke” when he saw her. Netflix centered Jess’ story on Love Is Blind almost as much as the couples in relationships, even highlighting a long scene with Laura Dadisman in which they mostly discussed Jimmy friending her on social media. If Jess cared about finding a father for her daughter, she wouldn’t have leaned in so hard to reality TV fame. However, Jess was always a clout chaser with an agenda in mind.


Jess Is Setting A Bad Example For Her Daughter On Perfect Match
Harry Says Disgusting Things

Jess claims that everything she does is for her daughter, but matching with Harry sets a bad example. The Australian player consistently says disgusting things on Perfect Match season 2. When new women came into the house, Harry hoped it was someone he “hadn’t already spunked in,” and he immediately commented on his sexual relations with Too Hot To Handle’s Holly Scarfone when she entered the house. She refuted his claims, but Harry’s commentary is out of control.

It’s unlikely that Jess will allow Autumn to watch the show, but she has access to the internet. She’ll learn way too much about Harry’s dating past, including proudly sleeping with Georgia Hassarati when she was still with Dom Gabriel. Harry has no respect for women, evidenced by his appearance on multiple reality TV shows, including Too Hot To Handle season 1 and Dancing With The Stars. He also has a podcast with material inappropriate for an 11-year-old. Jess dating Harry sets a terrible example for her daughter.

Harry Jowsey Is A Known Player
He’s Not Serious About Jess

If Jess has any genuine intentions on Perfect Match season 2, she needs to leave Harry as soon as possible. He has a laundry list of flings since 2020 alone. His most well-known relationship was with Francesca Farago, his co-star on Too Hot To Handle season 1. Their relationship was a central storyline on the show, and they continued to date off-screen. However, after their breakup, Harry was also linked to Julia Rose, a model and social media influencer. Another connection from Too Hot To Handle was Madison Wyborny and Georgia, whom he “stole” from Dom.

Additionally, Harry was rumored to have had a fling with former adult film star Lana Rhoades, as they were spotted together several times. He was even briefly linked to Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of NBA star Scottie Pippen after they were seen together, although neither confirmed a serious relationship. Lastly, Harry and model/DJ Charly Jordan were seen together in several social media posts, sparking rumors about a possible romantic connection. Jess connecting with Harry proves she’s not serious about finding love.

Harry might break Jess’ heart on Perfect Match , but that would be the perfect storyline for her climb to fame.

Harry might claim to be dating for marriage, but he’s just saying what Jess wants to hear. He was also super into Too Hot To Handle’s Elys Hutchinson, but immediately jumped ship when Jess appeared, claiming the two only had friendship vibes. Harry is a playboy who just views Jess as his next conquest. However, Jess might be using Harry as well.

Harry is one of the most famous reality TV stars from the Netflix universe. He’s been in multiple TV shows, has a podcast, and remains in the cultural zeitgeist with millions of social media followers. By matching with Harry, Jess ensures she’s connected with the most famous and popular man in the Perfect Match villa. This proves she’s a clout chaser and doesn’t care about finding love. Unfortunately, Jess only cares about being famous.