How Love Is Blind Alum Giannina Gibelli Reacted After Receiving A Cryptic Message From Ex Damian Powers


The hit Netflix reality series Love is Blind is the ultimate blind dating experiment where contestants forge connections with would-be suitors without ever seeing their faces. In Season 1 of the show, one of the final contestants was Giannina Gibelli. Gibelli became engaged to fiancé Damian Powers, and though the two were complete opposites, they managed to form an undeniable chemistry.

Their love story came to a shocking conclusion when Powers unexpectedly dumped a tearful Giannina Gibelli at the altar. His action resulted in one of reality TV’s most explosive on-air scenes. Gibelli stormed out of the wedding venue only to return and angrily confront Powers for breaking her heart. Giannina Gibelli instantly won the hearts of audiences for her vulnerability and resilience in the face of adversity. Long after the show aired, Gibelli and Powers’ relationship was fraught with tension both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Love Is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli’s Ex Damian Powers Messaged Her On Instagram

Since Love is Blind season 1 aired, the cast has rarely been out of the spotlight. After her stint on the show, Giannina Gibelli frequently went on record to discuss her tumultuous relationship with fiancé Damian Powers and to share her thoughts about the show.

Overall, the experience, she stated to Glamour Magazine, was exciting, and the support she received from the audience was terrific. As for being dumped at the altar by her fiancé, Giibelli said that it was a shock at first and that after she returned to reality, she experienced a range of emotions from anger to sadness. The retail consultant added that Powers had hurt her deeply but that they were in a good place. In his defense, Damian Powers told the Love in Sight podcast, that he said no to his ex-fiancé at the altar because he felt they were rushing into marriage.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers dated on and off for two years after the Love is Blind reunion aired but ultimately called it quits following the After the Alter special wrapped up filming.

Gibelli spoke to Love is Blind season 2 contestants Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati, for their podcast Out of the Pods. In the interview, the Venezuelan-born beauty discussed her rocky relationship with Powers

Giannina Gibelli began with how she and then fiancé were at odds on various things and that though she tried to trust him, he would betray her at every opportunity.

Gibelli added a shocking revelation that Damian Powers would continuously spam her Instagram account with direct messages. In the messages, Giannina Gibelli said he would try to persuade her to take him back. Powers also claimed that he had no feelings for the Too Hot To Handle reality starlet Francesca Farago and that they were only close friends.

Gibelli added that when her ex brought Farago to the show’s anniversary party, she felt he had done it to flaunt his romantic interest and to humiliate her on TV again. Giannina Gibelli also reiterated to the two Out of the Pod hosts that the Love is Blind producers occasionally manipulated the show and contestants for ratings. But she ultimately felt that her ex-fiancé’s disrespectful actions at the anniversary party were done of his own volition.


In a surprising turn of events, Gibelli later revealed that she also sent direct messages on Instagram, but it wasn’t to Powers. It was to her former love rival, Francesca Farago. The reality star told Insider that she messaged Farago to mend fences and to wish her well. She added that she had no hard feelings towards Farago or her ex.

Who Has Love Is Blind Stars Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers Dated After Their Split?

Following Giannina Gibelli’s and Damian Powers’ last and final split, Love is Blind watchers were desperate to know who they were dating next. They didn’t have to wait for an answer for long.

Soon after her break-up from Powers and the subsequent end of her appearances on Love is Blind, Gibelli appeared on the Paramount+ reality series All-Star Shore. The show has former contestants from different reality shows compete against each other for a cash prize against the backdrop of a luxury vacation destination.

One of Giannina Gibelli’s co-stars on All-Star Shore was former season 14 contestant of The Bachelorette, disc jokey Blake Horstmann. After the show aired, the pair went public with their relationship, sharing photos of each other on Instagram. While rumors swirled that Gibelli and Horstmann were engaged, they denied the rumors. But Giannina Gibelli assured fans she was the happiest she’d ever been with Blake Horstmann. The reality TV star also said she knew Horstmann wasn’t just another boyfriend.

Damian Powers and Francesca Farago, would later appear on another Netflix reality TV series, The Perfect Match, in which contestants pair up romantically for love and a cash prize; they’re eliminated if their partner finds they are not a good match.

Though Powers and Farago briefly dated, she ultimately rejected him, leaving him heartbroken at her decision and fans of Gibelli’s rejoicing that he was rejected.

Damian Powers was later briefly romantically linked to another The Perfect Match co-star, Kariselle Snow, whom the former openly admitted he had a crush on. Still, Snow vehemently dispelled the rumors that they were dating on Instagram.

What Has Love Is Blind’s Damian Powers Said About Giannina Gibelli’s Boyfriend?

Since his split from Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers remained tight-lipped regarding questions about his ex-fiancee’s new boyfriend. However, the Love is Blind alum consistently stated that he was on cordial terms with her.

But Powers did speak out against how he felt he was portrayed on Love is Blind. Speaking to Socialite Life, Damian Powers stated that he thought Giannina Gibelli’s actions towards Francesca Farago put him in a precarious position and made him appear like the bad guy on TV. He added that he deeply respected his ex-fiance and never intended to humiliate her.