A Few Reasons Why Monica Is Such An Annoying Character In The Yellowstone Series


There are a lot of different characters that are featured in the Yellowstone series on Paramount+, and they all have their various quirks. But there are a few of them that are more annoying than others, and thankfully, some of those characters have already been taken out in one way or another since they served their purpose and were dealt with at one point or another. But there are a couple of characters that still irk a lot of fans, and a few of them have been around since season 1.

Tate Dutton is one of those characters since he’s been a spoiled kid that speaks his mind quite often and reacts in ways that many would believe would be punished in a lot of other families, but a lot of Tate’s shortcomings can be laid at the feet of his parents, who don’t exactly keep him in line that often and have raised him to believe that he can say or do just about anything he wants up to a certain point. He’s an annoying character to be certain, but he’s also been an up-and-down kind of character who people tend to understand far more often.

His mother, Monica, on the other hand, is a continual irritant that a lot of viewers have grown tired of, and apart from her current issue, the fact that she lost a child, it’s fair to say that she was better off not being seen or heard. Here are a few reasons why Monica is an annoying character in the Yellowstone series.

5. She’s a little too self-righteous.

For whatever reason, Monica walks around the show acting like she’s the arbiter of what’s right and what’s wrong. Too often, she passes judgment on the entire Dutton family for the things that their ancestors have done and doesn’t stop to think that her own ancestors weren’t all that peaceful, let alone civilized. It’s true that the Duttons came to the valley long after her ancestors, but from the flashbacks, it would appear that the two groups were often on much better terms than one might think, and thus Monica’s holier-than-thou attitude feels like it’s a bit pointless since she doesn’t feel very self-aware.

4. Monica is kind of a hypocrite.

When one thinks about all the times the Duttons have helped her out and the fact that Kayce, her husband, is willing to do anything for her, the fact that Monica speaks out against the family so often is extremely hypocritical. One could point out the fact that she’s a woman playing an indigenous character, but the actress is, in fact, not a part of any indigenous tribe so far as anyone knows. But seriously, that’s not necessary since if a person can act out the role and make it work, then so be it. But the character of Monica is w ithout any doubt a hypocrite since she admonishes various people for their actions and even their way of thinking, but when it comes to being called out for her own nonsense, she can’t handle it or attempts to make sense of the situation by falling back on the same old tired arguments that have been heard for decades now.


3. She’s not an emotionally stable individual.

People would no doubt want to argue about this point since Monica might be seen as a paragon of virtue to some folks, but in truth, she’s one of the least decisive individuals in the show. She wants Tate to know his grandfather, but she doesn’t approve of John Dutton and his ways. She wants Kayce to pull away from his family, but she’ll gladly take their protection when she needs it. If there’s a definitive fence-sitter in this show, it’s Monica, since she’s been hedging her bets for a while now, and it’s easy to think that she’s not going to stick with any one side until she feels that she has every possible advantage she can get. In a lot of ways, Monica is the angel-faced character that needs to be watched with a careful eye.

2. Her relationship with Kayce feels a little too one-sided.

Kayce is willing to do just about anything for Monica, as it’s been seen throughout the series. Kayce hasn’t given up on her despite their difficulties at times, and their separation at one point. But here’s the thing: Monica came the closest to cheating in the series, and more than that, she’s jealous of another woman that Kayce knew in the past even being around. In short, Kayce has been completely loyal to Monica while she’s ended up coming within less than a step from cheating on him.

Plus, she’s been insecure enough to think that Kayce might be stepping out on her when he’s given her no sign that he would ever do such a thing. But okay, Monica is fully invested in this relationship, right? If not for realizing this is a fictional story, one might actually find the opportunity to get truly irritated. But as a story, it does play out that Monica is kind of an annoying character, while Kacey is definitely distant at times, and is holding onto something that might be destined to fail.

1. She feels more like a placeholder than an actual character.

There’s no doubt that Monica has a place in this cast, but the fact is that it’s still frustrating to realize that she’s still needed. As of now, it feels as though she could slowly be phased out, and it would be okay. There would no doubt be a great deal of sorrow when it comes to the characters since Kayce, and Tate would be devastated, but apart from that, it feels as though she’s not as vital to the story as some would think.